Safe Event Transportation

We provide sustainable transportation options for events and festivals, while ensuring safety for our passengers. All drivers have a minimum experience requirement, and have to pass our Coaster Pedicabs operators test

Product and Gear Transportation

Our pedicabs serve a a perfect vehicle to help festival-goers move gear from their car to the campsite. There’s space to easily and safely move all gear for a two person site on one pedicab.


Pedicab Outdoor is a media management company specializing in pedicab operations, pedicab advertising and marketing.

We know this business better than anyone because we are also pedicab operators.

We understand the unique, interactive brand experience that can only come in the form of a rickshaw. From production and permits to the most effective route scenarios, we handle all the details to deploy a campaign that runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. (Or, ahem, bike.)


Our parent company,, has been recognized as one of the top pedicab manufacturing companies in the country. Pedicabs are our passion. We eat, sleep and breathe the pursuit of better three-wheeled solutions. And we’ve been at it for over a decade – refining it, thinking about it and improving it. Now we want to roll out those cool, three-wheel solutions to you.